Valgarda was founded in 1989 as a business operating in the healthcare food service proposing solutions and innovative ideas for breakfast with a focus on functionality, efficiency, hygiene and taste.

From the headquartes situated in Ponti sul Mincio (MN) the company operates in Italy and abroad with the brand Valgarda Sanità, offering specific equipment for the automatic preparation of beverages for breakfast (hot and cold drinks) and in recent times promoting the sale of automatic distributors for the supply of food for individuals with special food needs (Easy Diet and Easy Drink).


CUSTOMER comes first

Valgarda has always operated focusing on the quality of its services and on the customer’s needs, proposing personalised solutions and post-sale assistance, thus increasing guests’ satisfaction and improving consumption models.

RESEARCH AND INNOVATION respecting the environment

Over the years Valgarda has developed its activity with great emphasis on product research and the development of innovative solutions which respond to the different needs of every kind of hospitality.

The aim is that of improving the choices related to breakfast from the point of view of nutritional quality and eco-friendliness of the solutions proposed.

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