Easy Drink

Drinks and mousses suitable for individuals with dysphagia and special food needs

Easy Drink is the new range of cold drinks and mousses specifically conceived for the hydration of guests suffering from dysphagia or with special food needs.

Produced exclusively with quality natural ingredients, Easy Drink is ready to supply cold drinks and fruit mousses in several flavours, and according to the desired consistency and quantity.

Brochure Easy Drink

It is possibile to choose among the following kinds of products:
  • (Cold) thickened liquids: : Apple peach, pear, orange soda, lemon tea, pineapple
  • Fruit (mousse):: apple and apricot, plum and apple, apple and peach, apple

In order to taste the product, join ‘A tavola con Easy Drink’: fill in the following form to request the free trial or contact us directly to get further information.

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