Easy Diet

To completion of its own equipments, Valgarda Sanità proposes the automatic system for the supply of Easy Diet food – lyophilized products which have specifically been thought for the nutrition of individuals with dysphagia and special food needs.

Thanks to Bravilor it is possible to supply breakfast, hydration and optimized consistency meals, choosing within a wide range of products – milk and biscuits, tea and biscuits, several flavours of gel food | jellies, (hot) thickened liquids, first courses, second courses, fruit mousses, desserts – to meet all tastes.

The service is customizable basing on the different situations, with the chance to define consistency and quantity to supply according to the nutritional needs and levels of dysphagia, with significant advantages in terms of timing and flexibility in the preparation of the meals.


To deepen your knowledge on the service, Valgarda invites you to the trial of ‘A tavola con Easy Diet’. Fill in the form below to ask for a free trial or contact us directly to receive further information: info@valgarda.it

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    Width: 33 cm (4 cont.) Width: 47 cm (6 cont.) Height: 81 cm Depth: 48 cm

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