Solutions and innovative ideas for healthcare food service

Valgarda was founded in 1989 as a business operating in the healthcare food service proposing solutions and innovative ideas for breakfast with a focus on functionality, efficiency, hygiene and taste.

Nowadays the brand Valgarda Sanità operates in Italy and abroad providing specific equipment for the automatic preparation of breakfast beverages (both hot and cold drinks), beyond the innovative automatic distributors of specific food for individuals with special food needs (Easy Diet and Easy Drink).

The equipment you can use

Valgarda Sanità supports those healthcare structures which want to enhance their breakfast service and take special care of the nutritional needs of fragile patients – everything with an eye to cost
optimization, training the dedicated staff and proposing suitable solutions for each customer’s

Find out about our exclusive solutions for healthcare food service.

Solutions for breakfast

Valgarda Sanità offers different kinds of automatic distributors of hot beverages such as coffee, barley coffee, milk, tea, camomile tea etc. which can grant an efficient, quick, quality supply service, which is customizable according to the individual needs. + find out more

Solutions for hydratation

Valgarda Sanità provides healthcare structures with automatic distributor systems of hot drinks which can supply natural and sparkling water, juices and several beverages quickly and according to the desired quantity. + find out more

Solutions for dysphagia and special food needs

To completion of their equipment, Valgarda Sanità offers the automatic system for the supply of Easy Diet meals – lyophilized products which have specifically been thought to feed patients with dysphagia and special food needs. + find out more


We provide food and beverage products, mainly for breakfast: hot and cold drinks and specific food for individuals with special food needs.

Discover all products by  Valgarda Sanità.

Hot drinks

Valgarda Sanità offers a wide range of hot, tasty, quality drinks: coffee, tea, milk, camomile tea etc., and all of them are also available with low sugar content. All soluble drinks supplied are produced in accordance with EC requirements, and do not contain additives nor aromas deriving from GMOs.+ find out more

Cold drinks

Valgarda Sanità has enriched its range of beverages proposing water, juices and soft drinks (noncarbonated and carbonated) with adjustable temperature and carbonation. With bag-in-box packaging, all concentrates are produced in accordance with EC requirements and do not contain additives nor aromas deriving from GMOs. + find out more

Easy Diet: modified consistency meals

Thanks to the multi-year experience gained within healthcare food service and to the partnerships with nutritional experts, Valgarda has recently developed Easy Diet, an innovative range of lyophilized food conceived to favour feeding of patients suffering from dysphagia and/or with special food needs. + find out more

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